Reasons for PGS Testing

Reasons for PGS Testing

At Genesis Genetics, we understand that infertility can be an extremely sensitive and personal issue. This is why we are committed to unparalleled patient testing services throughout the entire Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening process.  Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) is a comprehensive chromosome screening that examines embryos for chromosomal abnormalities. All 24 chromosomes (22 autosomes plus X and Y) are examined to evaluate any gains or losses of chromosomes, also known as aneuploidy.

PGS allows for individuals and couples to achieve a healthy baby with additional information that may:

  • Reduce the likelihood of miscarriage
  • Decrease the risk of abnormal pregnancy
  • Reduce the amount of time and additional costs inferred with multiple IVF cycles
  • Increase the likelihood of pregnancy with single embryo transfers (eSET)Genetic engineerring

Embryos that do not implant could be due to an incorrect number of chromosomes (aneuploid embryos). These embryos can result in various clinical alterations, including:

  • An extra copy of Chromosome 21, Down Syndrome
  • Most pregnancies that result from aneuploid embryos lead to miscarriages
  • Improper chromosome arrangements such as translocations and/or inversions
  • Additional chromosome alterations that may possess clinical significance

Research has reported that as women age, the rates of developing abnormal chromosomes increases, while the chances of developing normal chromosomes decreases. It is theorized that over time, chromosomes in eggs become less likely to divide correctly leading to extra chromosomes or chromosomes that are absent.

Genesis-24 Technology

At Genesis Genetics, we use the latest technology and procedures to screen embryos for chromosomal anomalies. A biopsy from your fertility center is sent to our labs for testing. Through this testing, we can scan thousands of sequences of DNA that are unique to each chromosome, accurately identifying abnormal gains or losses. As a result of Genesis-24 technology, fertility doctors are able to make more informed decisions as to which embryos should be implanted, giving you the best chances of a healthy pregnancy.

This technology allows us to work with patients of all ages and to screen for chromosomes that may have irregular features before implantation. With these advancements, our team at Genesis Genetics is able to identify chromosomal abnormalities to decrease the risks associated with aneuploid embryos, and help people achieve their dreams of parenthood.

To learn more about PGS and Genesis Genetics, please contact our lab today. We are happy to answer all of your questions about our procedures and testing protocols, as well as offer guidance as to how we can help you in your journey towards building a healthy family.

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Genesis Genetics is the pioneer of preimplantation testing of embryos for inherited genetic abnormalities, and was founded by world renowned scientists largely responsible for discovering preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) as a clinical practice and performed the first successful cases in the world.


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