PGS Batching

Batching with Rapid Results

A new rapid testing option that reduces time in finding chromosomally normal embryos for transfer

Genesis Genetics understands the importance of providing highly accurate genetic testing services while providing rapid results, for an affordable price. Often couples, especially those of advanced maternal age, do not produce sufficient embryos to stand a good chance of finding a chromosomally normal embryo. Poor responders and patients over thirty-eight years of age may require several IVF cycles to produce enough robust embryos to warrant testing — a process that can be expensive and time consuming during a period of life where natural fertility is rapidly declining.

Often a couple produces only a few embryos suitable for biopsy in their first IVF cycle. In this instance they frequently hold off on PGS testing until more embryos are obtained (“batched”) from another cycle(s). Once a batch of embryos is available, PGS testing is performed on all samples from multiple cycles. Under this protocol, the genetic status of embryos from the first or often second cycle is not reported until the batch is complete. If one of those embryos collected early in the batching process happens to be genetically normal, however, then the patient may have essentially exhausted time and money undergoing those additional (unnecessary) IVF cycles.

“Batching with Rapid Results” (BRR) is a novel option designed specifically for your patients who have difficulty producing enough embryos in a single IVF cycle to justify the cost of Genesis-24™.

With Rapid Batching, Genesis Genetics will test the biopsied samples as soon as they arrive at our laboratory — even if there is only one sample to analyze. Results will be reported for each round of testing. If an embryo is found to be chromosomally normal and therefore reported as genetically suitable for transfer at any point during this process, this valuable information will be available to the ordering clinician immediately. Genesis Genetics is the global leader in preimplantation genetic screening, and we are excited to be able to offer this Rapid Batching option to our customers without increasing the price of traditional Genesis-24™ testing.


  • Faster time to transfer of a chromosomally normal embryo.
  • Potentially faster time to live birth.
  • Provides the patient and physician with pertinent information to make educated decisions about future IVF treatments.
  • Samples can be received on day three or day five, and results will be issued in time for a fresh transfer if requested.
  • IVF patients who produce low numbers of embryos can receive Genesis-24™ testing in a timely manner without any additional costs, and potentially without having to undergo multiple treatment cycles.

How to Batch with Rapid Results

An IVF center enrolls the patient who indicates in writing (by email, on physician order form, or separate letter) that they are proceeding with a “batching cycle with rapid results.” We understand that doctors and patients may not know that they desire the batching option until after a few days of culture. No problem. At the time of embryo biopsy from the couple’s first cycle, simply decide if you want to take advantage of Rapid Batching. Then, notify Genesis Genetics on the biopsy worksheet.

  • Genesis Genetics analyzes samples in time for an embryo transfer on day five (if embryos are biopsied on day three), a fresh day six transfer, or within seven days if the embryos are frozen.
  • Genesis Genetics issues a report so that the physician can council the patient and can make a clinical decision to either progress with a transfer, or begin plans for another IVF cycle.
  • If additional samples are sent in subsequent cycles, Genesis Genetics will issue an amended report with the data on those samples.

Important Notes

  • If embryo(s) ARE chromosomally normal, the batching plan will cease and any subsequent samples will be billed again at the base rate.
  • If embryo(s) ARE NOT chromosomally normal, the batching cycle can continue until one is found.
  • If the total sample number exceeds the base of eight, samples will be billed at our standard fee. In other words, the patient does not need to repay the base fee. Shipping charges apply for each cycle.
  • Conventional eight-sample batching (i.e. collecting multiple embryos from several cycles before chromosome testing) is still an alternative option.

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Genesis Genetics is the pioneer of preimplantation testing of embryos for inherited genetic abnormalities, and was founded by world renowned scientists largely responsible for discovering preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) as a clinical practice and performed the first successful cases in the world.


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