Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

IMG_9821We work with your IVF clinic to offer PGD as an option to couples who are at risk of having a child with an inherited disorder.

PGD is a laboratory procedure performed in conjunction with in vitro fertilization (IVF) to help detect genetic diseases. Families affected by almost any inherited disease can reduce the risk their embryos will suffer that genetic disorder by working with our team. Even families in search of a bone marrow donor may be able to use PGD to bring a child into the world by providing matching stem cells. We at Genesis Genetics are the pioneers of this type of testing, and are globally recognized for our ability to test for some of the rarest genetic conditions.

The Process

We work with your IVF clinic to offer PGD as an option. Once we receive your cheek swab samples and DNA test results, our experts build a probe specifically designed for your family. When the probe is complete, the biopsied cells are analyzed to determine embryos that have inherited the disease and those embryos that are free from the disease. These results are then provided to your IVF clinic.

Many IVF centers offer PGD as part of their services; however embryo biopsy is a highly skilled procedure. That is why it is best to use a center that has experience with PGD to achieve the best outcomes. The level of communication and collaboration between the IVF team and the PGD team is highly important to the process. The IVF center may be hundreds of miles from the PGD reference laboratory. Such distance requires transportation of the single cells removed from the embryos growing in the incubator at the IVF center. When deciding which reference laboratory to use for PGD, question the staff to ensure that constant communication between the IVF and the PGD teams exist. Please feel free to utilize our interactive map by clicking the link on the left to find one of our IVF partners in your area.

If you have any additional questions, our genetic counselors and coordinators are available to discuss your specific situation. Please contact us at

About Us

Genesis Genetics is the pioneer of preimplantation testing of embryos for inherited genetic abnormalities, and was founded by world renowned scientists largely responsible for discovering preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) as a clinical practice and performed the first successful cases in the world.


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